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Are Any Old Dollars Still Collectible Coins?

The dollar is not only the official currency of the U.S. but of numerous nations around the globe. The U.S. dollar, and particularly, U.S. dollar coins, are often collected according to type, year and historical significance. Interestingly, in early United States history, the Spanish dollar was the unofficial currency of the U.S. since Spain backed the money being used by the colonies and the congress.

In 1792, the U.S. converted one Spanish dollarís worth into silver coins, which became the standard currency. For a time, a half dollar was to contain half the amount of silver as a full dollar, and a quarter contained one fourth of a full dollarís worth of silver. To this day, there is no true legal definition of the U.S. dollar. Nevertheless, the government (through the U.S. Mint) has continued to issue coins for circulation and for collection, from the year 1796 to the present day. Some of the most commonly traded coins include Bust Dollars and Morgan Dollars.

Click here for More Info Morgan Dollars were minted from the year 1878 to 1904 and once more in 1921. This dollar is named after the designer George Morgan. Eisenhower Dollars were issued from the years of 1971-1978. They are known for being somewhat larger than typical size, due to the fact that it was the last dollar coin that had a proportional amount of base metal to lower denominations. (In other words, two Kennedy Half Dollars would actually equal an Eisenhower Dollar in terms of bullion) The Susan B. Anthony Dollar replaced the Eisenhower Dollar in 1979.

Click here for More Info The Seated Liberty Dollar was minted from 1840 to 1873 and featured a seated Liberty as a face image. Trade Dollars, released from 1873 to 1885, were created to improve trade China. Other dollar coins of interest to collectors include Peace Dollars, Sacagawea Dollars and the new Presidential Dollars series. Donít underestimate the collectable and nostalgic value that these historical coins bring to a collection!

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