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Are There Any Valuable Quarters in Collectible Coins and Sets?

Quarters have always been one fourth of the U.S. dollar, ever since its introduction in 1796. In the old days, “two bits” or even “pieces of eight” was a common phrase meaning a quarter. While quarters are still valued today (after all, what else buys you laundry services, bubble gum and video games?) many collectors overlook the common quarter as an investment opportunity. No, you are not looking for the common quarter, but for a rare quarter that has silver content and perhaps even some collectable value.

Interestingly, one of the newest quarters in circulation is also one of the most valuable. The 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter with an Extra Leaf is worth literally hundreds of dollars right now. True, there is debate among the numismatics community regarding the long-term value of this coin, as well as the unusual amount of interest in it. Nevertheless, if you notice a quarter with that year and with the defect of an “extra leaf” on the lower left-hand “corn” area then you may have a collectable coin on your hands.

Certain Statehood Quarters, namely rolls of uncirculated statehood quarters, are currently selling for about $50 a roll. Coin dealers sometimes make these special items available to collectors. There are a number of rare Washington quarters to look for, including the Bicentennial series of 1976, the Washington District of Columbia of 2009 and Washington Quarters of certain years, like 1932–1964 or even 1992–1998.

Draped Bust Quarters are early 19th century and some late 18th century coins that are still worth money, as are Barber Quarters. Standing Liberty Quarters were made between the years of 1916 to 1930. Sit before you stand, right? No wonder that Seated Liberty Quarters preceded the standing quarter, the series first arriving in 1838 and continuing all the way to 1891.

There is a huge variety of quarters to collect. Before tossing that shiny “two bits” into a laundry machine, make sure you read the year and minting details!

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